How to Winterize Your Hyundai Vehicle

The temperature and pressure changes that come with winter can affect your vehicle just as profoundly as slippery, ice-covered roads or deep snow. Prepare for the cold months ahead by giving it a thorough washing and waxing to protect the exterior from the elements, and check to make sure vital systems are ready for the added demands of the season. You can also add a cold weather survival kit to your car including items like jumper cables, emergency flares, shelf-stable food and liquids, a flashlight, tools, a blanket, and other necessary items in case your vehicle does break down. Here at Ettleson Hyundai, we aim to keep your car running smoothly during any season. Come to our auto service department near Joliet, IL to winterize your vehicle.


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Keep Your Tires Fresh

While your summer or all-season tires are fine for the rest of the year, the added challenge of navigating cold roads and deep snow in Countryside, IL requires a different kind of tire, right down to its chemical makeup. The rubber used in winter tires is softer, remaining pliant in temperatures that would stiffen a summer tire. The deep, nubby tread and strategically designed channels allow for greater traction through snow or standing water. You'll also need to add a bit more air to your tires during the winter months to compensate for pressure and temperature changes. If you're really concerned about navigating in deep snow, keep a set of chains with you and consider adding studs to your tires for the additional contact with the road that they provide.

Swap Out Fluids and Filters

Your engine should also be inspected, with special attention paid to hoses, belts, exposed wires, and spark plugs so they don't have a chance of unexpectedly failing. Top up important fluids like windshield washer fluid and engine lubricants like transmission fluid. A lower viscosity of oil is preferred so its response isn't sluggish as temperatures drop in Downers Grove. To ensure your car's cabin warms up quickly, inspect the thermostat and cabin air filter so engine heat can flow efficiently and warm you quickly. Your brakes generate quite a bit of heat from friction, so the colder temperatures won't have much of an effect on their performance, but you can still have them inspected to ensure they're working properly.

Replace Windshield Wipers

Your windshield wipers can take a beating in subzero temperatures and can even freeze directly to your windshield. You can install a more aggressively designed blade aimed at clearing slush and heavy snow in Tinley Park. This design combines with a rubber composition to keep the blades supple in subzero temperatures so they easily conform to the curve of the glass, which is especially helpful if you live in a climate that receives a lot of snow. If your winters are rainy, check your wipers for any obvious splitting of the rubber or other signs they are wearing out and replace them so they're able to swipe away a heavy downpour.

Service Your Car's Battery

Winter provides a special challenge for your battery. As it begins to age, it has trouble maintaining a charge with the efficiency of a new battery. Most new batteries can withstand temperatures of minus 76 degrees Fahrenheit, while weaker batteries can begin to freeze as soon as temperatures dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, you're also asking more of your battery by expecting it to turn over a cold engine while running lights and the heater. These demands can sometimes be too much for an aging battery, leaving you with an unresponsive car on a cold morning in Oak Lawn. Thoroughly inspect your battery, measuring its charge capacity, and remove any corrosion you find on the terminals. If you live in an especially cold climate, there are overnight battery warmers you can place on your battery to keep it from freezing.

Service Your Vehicle for the Winter at Ettleson Hyundai

If you need help winterizing your vehicle, the car experts at Ettleson Hyundai can help with every aspect of preparation and repair, from installing winter tires and adding antifreeze to changing your wiper blades and giving your battery a thorough inspection. We also stock a wide selection of new vehicles to get you through the winter, and offer you affordable auto finance solutions. Come to our Hyundai dealership to learn more about staying safe this winter.


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