Summer is on its way to Countryside, IL! You'll probably be doing a lot of driving because there are new and enjoyable things to do in the warm weather. Summer travel can go much easier when your Hyundai is in proper working condition. Maybe now is the right time to get all that much-needed summer maintenance done on your Elantra, Palisade, or another of our popular vehicles.


At Ettleson Hyundai, we can help our customers from Downers Grove to Joliet, IL with all of the routine and preventative maintenance requirements of your Hyundai vehicle. Below is a look at several ways our team can help.

Brake Inspections and Service

Brakes wear out, eventually. The components wear out even faster when you drive in touch-and-go traffic where you're constantly applying pressure. You never know what condition your brakes are in, although loud squeaking sounds provide a red flag that something's not right.

Request a complete brake inspection at our location in the Oak Lawn area. A team member will give you a rundown of any necessary work. Maybe the brake pads need to be replaced, or repairs on the rotors, lines, or other parts are advisable. Ultimately, you'll know the Hyundai's brake system's condition and receive an honest service recommendation.

Tire Care and Service

If you've done a "penny check" on the tires, you might notice the treads are a little low. Our service crew can perform a thorough tire check to look for cracks or the treads degraded. The team can also rotate the tires to help even the wear from the front and the back.

When your Hyundai needs new tires, we'll help you choose the right replacements and then take care of all the installation and balancing work. And have you thought about switching out the old tires for summer ones? A "switch up" could be a good idea when planning on driving on hot asphalt this summer in Countryside, IL.

Steering Alignments

Misaligned wheels can be subtle. A wheel alignment might be long overdue, and you have no idea an issue is present. Then again, there may be some signs that something is seriously wrong. If you feel the car pulling to the right or the left, or the steering wheel doesn't seem to stay straight, alignment issues may be the cause. Whether obvious or not-so-obvious, wheel alignment issues cause problems for a Hyundai.

Fluid Exchanges and Flushes

The fluids in your vehicle do you need a change at some point. A coolant flush becomes necessary after a certain amount of time passes, as the coolant can't do its job effectively after aging too much. In addition to flushing the coolant, a technician can check the radiator for any problems. A team member will look at the hoses to ensure they are in good condition and not cracked, loose, or suffering from leaks. While examining the hoses, a technician can check the belts.


And, of course, you need the oil checked.

Don't drive on dirty oil or with an old air filter. Get that work done on time, as old oil fluid doesn't do any good for your Hyundai engine. Also, are you sure the Hyundai has the right oil for summer temperatures? Maybe it needs one with a different viscosity rating as the hot weather approaches. Let us take care of that switch.

Someone can check the transmission fluid, too. If the transmission fluid is old, avoidable mechanical problems could happen. We can flush or change the transmission fluid depending upon the age and mileage.

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Schedule an appointment online with our service department to choose an appointment time. Be sure to ask about any specials we're offering—we want to save you time and money when caring for your Hyundai.

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