With winter almost upon us in Countryside, IL, now is a great time to have seasonal maintenance done on your vehicle at Ettleson Hyundai. Winter can be a tough time of year to drive around Downers Grove and Tinley Park. Between the snowfall, cold temperatures and darkness falling so early in the day, it can be intimidating trying to get where you need to go. With winter maintenance, you can drive with greater confidence knowing that your vehicle is prepared to take on the elements and deliver you where you need to go with greater ease. Whether you need new winter tires, an oil change or you want to check off the entire list before the snow falls, we invite you to schedule a service appointment or join us in our service center today.

How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

  • Winter Tires: Even if your vehicle has all-wheel drive, although it will help you when accelerating, the only way to confidently brake and steer in snow or icy roads is with the proper winter tires. Around Countryside and the greater Oak Lawn and Joliet, IL areas, we see cold temperatures and the more than occasional snow fall. That's why we suggest that everyone have winter tires on their vehicle. Winter tires are softer and more flexible than all-season or summer tires, and have unique tread patterns. This allows them to not only funnel snow out, but perform better in cold temperatures, even if there's no snow on the ground.
  • Check Your Battery: Your battery has a harder time operating when its cold outside, meaning that if it has an improper charge, it could end up dead once the cold weather hits. That's why we suggest checking your battery's charge level, and if need be, replacing the battery now before you wind up stuck at home when you should be at work in the morning.
  • Check Your Lighting: Since the sun sets earlier in the winter, it's important that you're able to see well. We suggest checking all of your lights to make sure they're working properly, and even switching out old lightbulbs for newer ones. You can also restore your headlights so that the foggy, yellowish tint is clear and visible.
  • Coolant Flush: Your coolant, or antifreeze, plays one of the most important roles in keeping your vehicle running in the winter by preventing your radiator from freezing in cold temperatures. If you have low coolant, we suggest flushing it out and replacing it with a mixture of coolant and water to keep the freezing point at its lowest.
  • Replace Your Wiper Blades: Your windshield wipers are crucial during the winter. Whether it's snowing or raining, with low light and visibility, it's important to have wiper blades that can properly clear your windshield. We suggest changing your wiper blades to ensure that they're going to work correctly and provide you with the visibility you need to take on inclement weather.
  • Change the Oil: Motor oil can thicken in the cold, preventing it from performing properly, which in turn can damage your engine. We suggest changing the oil before winter arrives to ensure your engine is properly protected.
  • Brake Repairs: Your brakes are always crucial to your safety , but no more so than in winter. If your brakes aren't performing the way they once did, we encourage you to come have them repaired to ensure that you can stop safely this winter.

Schedule a Service Appointment Online

If you need seasonal maintenance on your vehicle, we invite you to schedule an appointment online or come see us in our service center today. We also encourage you to check out more winter car care tips to learn more about how you can take care of your vehicle this winter. If you need any parts or accessories for your vehicle, you can find them in our parts center and get the job done yourself.

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