Four Built-In Costs to Owning a Used Sedan

Sticker price isn't the only thing you'll need to think about while shopping for a used sedan at Ettleson Hyundai. Certain factors can contribute to your long-term cost of ownership. It's important to consider them before any purchase.

  1. Maintenance and Repairs: Every vehicle on the road needs occasional upkeep to keep it running, and used sedans are no exceptions. You'll need to factor this into your cost of ownership. Luckily, repair costs for sedans are typically less than those for larger, more complex vehicles.
  2. Insurance: If you're driving a vehicle on the road, you'll need to have insurance. Some kinds of vehicles have higher insurance costs than others, and a range of variables can affect insurance further. However, used sedans often have lower insurance costs than other body styles.
  3. Fuel: Fuel costs affect most all vehicles, including used sedans. You'll want to check efficiency ratings and research engine types before you choose your pre-owned sedan. Some offer better mileage than others, and even marginal variations can have big impacts on spending over time. Fortunately, sedans tend to get better fuel efficiency than body styles like trucks or SUVs.
  4. Depreciation: All cars deal with depreciation, but pre-owned cars often depreciate less quickly than new ones. If you choose a used sedan, your depreciation costs may be lower than buying brand-new model. That means better resale value in the future.
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